Keep up to date with the Digital Media in Practice blog

Undergraduates that are doing the module, Digital Media in Practice, can keep up to date with everything that is going on by following the module on the DMiP blog. On the blog you will find links to useful tutorials and snippets of information regarding what has been or will be taught in the lecture. There is also a big list of RSS links to all the blogs of the students studying the module so you have a look at your fellow pupils blogs and how they are going about keeping theirs up to date and useful for themselves as well as visitors.

An important thing to remember is that these blogs, if you use them to their full potential, will become an excellent point of reference for yourself as well as a chance to build up a porfolio-esq style library of your progression as a student of the Film and Media Department here at UWTSD.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get creative with one of the internets most widely used and accessed blogging resources, WordPress

Chris C

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